The Moves

Get Everything That You Need to Master the Coolest Strength Skills

WaterStone is the pinnacle of instruction when it comes to gymnastic skills

  • Want a Back Lever? Want a Handstand? We have a complete program designed to get you that EXACT strength move

  • Get actual results, not just a plan. With FOLLOW ALONG workouts designed to get you to be the director of your life, yelling "ACTION!" everyday.

  • THOUGHTFUL PROGRESSIONS, balancing strength training with flexibility and skill

  • FAST WORKOUTS that you can do in less than 20 minutes

  • WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTION - Every workout is led by State Champion Gymnast, and Kinesiologist, Jacob Haugen

  • UNIQUE MOVES with detailed instructions that you can't get anywhere else

  • CONSTANT IMPROVEMENTS with program updates and new workouts released every month

  • COMPLETE ACCESS to every workout program WaterStone produces

Follow along workouts to develop specific strength moves

All you have to do is press play.

Everything you need to get a planche, handstand, or any other strength move, put together and walked through in real time. Seeing real time instruction makes this an easy and effective tool to get your dream strength move.