Combine Strength With Flexibility, Beautifully

  • Develop Well Rounded Fitness

    The L-Sit requires strength in the support muscles (chest, shoulders, and triceps), the core (abdominal and hip flexors), but also impressive flexibility.

  • 5 Progressions To Mastery

    Even if you're as inflexible as a pole and have 0 upper body strength you can start building towards this impressive move.

  • Perfect Technique

    It's easy to cheat an L-Sit and make it impossible to progress to higher progressions, learn it right from the start.

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The L-Sit is the ultimate core challenge, especially for most gym goers who do situps, bench press, and bicep curls all day. This works the opposing muscles and develops your posterior chain flexibility, the perfect solution to balance out your training. With 5 progressive levels each teaching something new this is the perfect move for you to add to any training routine.